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Indian Election: Fight For Democratic Rights! No Faith in BJP or INDIA Alliance in 2024

Since the BJP came into power in 2014, Hindutva ideology has gradually taken over the country’s political imagination. Violence, intimidation and harassment of religious minorities are their tools of choice. Hate mongering against Muslims and Christians is an everyday reality.

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8th July Public Meeting. Lessons From Seattle: How The 2023 Anti-Caste Discrimination Law Was Won

For the over a billlion people living in the Indian subcontinent, as well as crores in the diaspora around the world, jativaad, or casteism, is an ongoing present-day nightmare, not something consigned to our history books. Now, thanks in part

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Spotify Un-Wrapped: How The Music Industry Exploits Artists

The controversy over COVID denialist Joe Rogan’s $100 million deal with Spotify has led to widespread criticism and major artists such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young pulling their catalogs from the platform. But Spotify’s issues in the music industry

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