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No to the Deucha-Panchami Coal Block in West Bengal!

Joint statement PAPA (Project Affected People‚Äôs Association) and ISA (International Socialist Alternative) About PAPA: Our journey started in 2001, where the Sarisharatali Project Affected People’s Association took its form around the forced acquisition of land for Sanjeev Goenka’s Sarishatali open-cast

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Monsoon Woes of Himachal Pradesh: A Man-Made Natural Disaster

Landslides and the occasional floods are quite common occurrences in Himachal Pradesh during the monsoon. However, in recent years there has been a drastic increase in both the frequency and the intensity of these events. 2023 has been one of

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Worst Floods in Pakistan’s History While Country is Virtually Bankrupt

Pakistan’s poverty-stricken masses face many problems. Incomes are not able to keep up with rising prices, there are persistent shortages and at the end of August, inflation stood at 45%. Public infrastructure and social protection are almost non-existent. The country

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Billionaires Vs Tribal Population

India has always been portrayed by capitalist apologists as a success story of capitalism but, in reality, there is a dark underbelly. One element of this is the land grab of tribal and farming areas, a decade ago openly described

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