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An introduction to socialism and a Socialist Alternative

The world is at a crossroads. Rife with social turmoil, economic inequality, precarious employment, financial crises, violence and most importantly facing a looming environmental collapse, we can see by the rise of incidences of depressive and anxiety disorders the effect

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A Socialist World Is Possible: What is Socialism, and How Could We Win It?

Record inequality, crippling debt, a devastating pandemic, unfulling and unsafe jobs, discrimination and abuse, environmental and weather disasters, skyrocketing costs of living: this stark snapshot of “business as usual,” of human suffering and climate destruction under capitalism, are enough to

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How would a planned economy work?

This article is based on an introductory speech given to a commission on ‘Marxist economics — How would a planned economy work?’ at ISA’s Virtual Marxist University in July 2020.  The discussion about how a planned economy would work is a crucial

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How could socialism work?

Socialism is on the rise once again internationally as a new generation looks for an alternative to the inequality and injustice of capitalism. While Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn have popularised an idea of socialism in the 21st century, many

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